Which Three Birdies?

Many web services divide the world up into small areas that can be referenced by a small set of mnemonics that is memorable and easily communicable, to emergency services (for example). But they all suffer from arbitrary-association syndrome. What3emojis advertises itself as "a radical new way to address any location in the world, using humanity’s only common unambiguous language", but why does it associate latitude 19.6968708, longitude 96.1249349 with "🔳🏰💭"? There is no reason. Also, there are only 1407 emojis, so 14073 gives you a paltry 2,785,366,143 addresses.

Which Three Birdies?™©® has neither of these deficiencies. There are an estimated 18,043 species of birds worldwide, so three birds gives us 5,873,895,925,507 different addresses—enough to map the entire Virgo Supercluster!1 Not only is this new web standard2 (based on our patented3—and aggressively protected— Avian-Cartography® system4) future-proof, it is also non-arbitrary: we choose the most common three birds nearest to the location they map to. This means that you don‘t even need an internet connection to tell emergency services where you are5, just a pair of binoculars and an encyclopaedic knowledge of ornithology! So, zoom the map in to your location (or a friend‘s!) and find out…Which Three Birdies?

  1. probably
  2. It’s been fast-tracked by the W3B under the Directorship of our old friend Tit Budgie-Lee who owes us a favour
  3. not really; it‘s free, or open data
  4. so named after company founders Stuart Langridge and Bruce Lawson, who on entering a room often are hailed with “look, there‘s Avian-Car”
  5. very useful for Virgin Media customers

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